Just A Reminder

Preserve every relationship which you have in your life. Everyone who you have encountered may be important to you in some or the other way. Cherish them and make them feel important. Don’t show attitude just because you have so many people around you. Be thankful to have them. Because you never know when god might take them away from you. Nourish your relations.

Emotions Are Temporary

Isn’t it weird that we people over invest in our emotions. Yeah, I mean just look at yourself, you’ll find how easily you get attach to people and things. Sometimes those people are not even worthy of our time and attention but all we do is we emotionally attach ourselves with them. And that attachment eventually leads to affect our emotions. These emotions are one of biggest reasons for our sorrows. Althought emotional people have a big heart and showing emotion is a sign of strength but never let your emotions overpower you. What we should remember is that emotions are temporary. Emotions can sabotage our lives if we don’t know how to control them. Just don’t become slave of your own emotions.
Be open and accept what is going around you. Don’t let others decide your feelings. Keep yourself engaged in doing things that can help you feel better. Chasing someone is the worst thing we can do because it constantly makes us doubt ourselves. Never stick to people or object. Stick to a goal. Have control on your emotions.
Remember, no one is permanent in your life. So don’t let temporary people
affect you and your emotions.❤️

You Matter✨

To whomsoever reading this, I know you are stronger than you think, you may have suffered a rejection, a heartbreak or something that is killing you from inside but look at you….you are here still smiling, reading my words , trying to figure out something that can help you out to become happier, more peaceful, more satisfied with your self. All this shows that you still have the burning desire to become better than you used to be, you haven’t given up yet. Just realize how powerful you are. You have been through those storms that could have broken you but you are still here alive. That’s the enough reason for you to believe in yourself and your strength.

As they say Life is not a drama that happens outside you, life is a fundamental thing that happens within you”. So stop giving importance to the outside world and start giving importance to yourself. You can evolve from within, i.e. your soul will evolve you. Start working on your soul. Never depend on others for your happiness. You are capable enough to create your own happiness. Start living your life with your terms.♥️